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The binary training - " Because all are our trainees "


My name is Ariel, and I have made it my goal to make smoking cessation and nicotine withdrawal training available using the binary training method to anyone who has an honest and true intention to stop smoking nicotine. If you can't afford to pay, then don't pay from me (only for this binary training), just give back to Mother Earth and collect 4 liters of cigarettes leftovers.

My approach to life is "first and foremost - be a human being"... in my experience, when you live by this value all other things in life take care of themselves. Along with the binary training method, I enjoy dancing to the sounds of trance music with a hat, for one reason: the feeling of liberation is the same as the feeling of liberation from addiction to nicotine and cigarettes. As an artist I create psychedelic music combined with symphonic - Psymphonic.

With complete faith in the binary training method to stop smoking and the trust I have in humanity in general and in people in particular, I chose to allow almost every person who wants to stop smoking, through payment by success (PBS - Pay By Success).




So that I don't become a barefoot cobbler.. I see in Raz Tayar as my best friend and as a coach for my life at least.. although he doesn't know that.


to the heฤrt gallery and of course to the one and only the heฤrtist, an extraordinary artist and owner of the gallery, for helping to develop the second principle in binary training.


Batel Shamir is A Devine designer by me, designed the training logo and the BOD training.


To "Copybriter" and "The Global Company" for putting a WON training landing page into practice after a thorough research work, and a long investment of time on the right wording, at least for me.


Our PR manager Yoram Galili


Thanks for reading this far, hats off to you.

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