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With Out
Nicotine -
Free Of Charge - DIY Digital training

So after over more than 3 trainees (serial prove.) paid us in the past, after 21 days for this service, yes yes, we did not chase them to pay, they were proving us it works.

It was decided that this service will become digital and free of charge.

It took us over two years to develop this for you and this is our gift.

After receiving the digital training for Google Drive, all you will need to prepare is real life intention! about two hours of your time, a notebook, a pen, and non-black tea, rolled & ready for smoking, and of course your tobacco.

May we not meet for a training opposite to this training: lose - that can be ordered from BOD - library of the paid trainings.
Have a nice rest of the day wherever you are on the globe and thank you for reading so far,

The binary trainer,
And to you, hats off. 


28 Years ols from Tel Aviv

"Ariel is a magician!!!!!

thanks to him i dont smoke for 8 months

FB - linked at the end (hebrew)

translation is on you

the digital training is free of charge, and reverse training ( LOSE ) is in the model of pay by success or payment through Mother Earth.

-+ 2 hours the digital one 

100% natural without drugs/substitutes


Adapted to medical cannabis patients

The binary painting as a tool for life

Rehab smoking nicotine support system groups, the way to quit smoking for the last time!

Binary-project (7).png

The binary training method for smoking nicotine rehab is suitable for support system groups and especially for family, group of friends, co-workers, etc.

  • Sharing successes and difficulties

  • Maintaining detoxification for a long time

  • The most fun together

  • Commitment partners

  • A stranger will not understand

  • reducing pressures

  • Children up to the age of 18 are free (in reverse DIT training).

What do those who quit smoking with our help say?
(only hebrew for now - translation ON you, picture sais: 2.5 years without nicotine thanks to the binary training)

WhatsApp Image 2023-10-25 at 19.43.25.jpeg

The Binary Training : +972546877861
Mistakes forever repeat

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