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"The Binary Training"

So what is the binary training?

Training - it's easy, everyone knows: to practice something on a certain subject.

Binary - is, among other things, mathematics that allows a computer to create all the letters in all languages using only 2 numbers 0 and 1.

Together, this is training for a new consciousness, this is the even more satisfied version of you, in you.

It is about a measurable, whole, process, that you agree that it is that or that, and what does it mean?

Either its the current version of yourself, or the version of yourself with the change wished, as part of your new self.

There is no middle ground (0.any number) and hence the thing is defined binary, in order to reinforce the message: from state 1 to state 0 or from state 0 to state 1 on a certain subject.

Call it all or nothing if that simplifies it for you.

What's more binaric about the binary training is that there are no clients, because everyone are our trainees.

You pay only in the case of success and then you become a customer, satisfied one, aren't you?

As part of the training, we provide 3 services in the spirit of the method:

WON training to stop smoking nicotine (digital - free of charge nowadays) , used to be the training which the method was developed from, and made it possible to create the BOD - services of Pay by success model.

You are invited to see which trainings are considered binary trainings, in the BOD - binary on demand.
Which, with gods help, grows and sharpens like the binary training method.

And to the business owners among you also have NMO binary business training.

Based on the binary training values as well.

In order to switch between 0 and 1, between existing and desirable, the binary training uses 3 simple principles:


Building a common language

The principle of self-illustration - the meeting of the subconscious and the conscious

Maintaining the desired state independent of the trainer

So.. apart from a better version of yourself, what do you have to lose from taking a tour of the site?

Have a nice rest of the day wherever you are on the globe and thank you for reading so far,

The binary trainer,


And to you, hats off.

The Binary Trainings:

The Binary Training : +972546877861
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